How to become an instructor

Find out how to become an SMHFA: YP instructor.

Why train to be a SMHFA: YP instructor?

  • In large organisations it can be both time and cost effective to have an instructor in house to train several groups of staff.
  • Freelance trainers in other areas of health may add SMHFA: YP to their portfolios.
  • Voluntary agencies might offer SMHFA: YP courses as one of their services. 
  • Health promotion and other statutory services find SMHFA: YP a useful addition to their training programmes.

Who should apply?

There are a maximum of 12 places available for each course and after the closing date we will select the 12 applicants who best match our criteria. In addition to the responses on your application form we will take into consideration applicants who can deliver courses in areas where there are few/no active trainers e.g. Borders, Shetland and Orkney.

We anticipate a large number of applicants and with limited places available we hope that, regardless of the outcome of your application, the commitment you have shown to SMFHA: YP and the skills you will have gained from attending the 14 hour course will be useful should you need to support a young person in distress.

What kind of people become instructors?

SMHFA: YP instructors come from a range of backgrounds including:

  • youth workers
  • sports/drama coaches
  • foster carers/parents
  • social workers
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • psychiatrists
  • health promotion workers
  • service users
  • teachers and lecturers
  • training officers
  • freelance trainers
  • housing officers
  • staff from voluntary organisations
  • counsellors
  • therapists
  • voluntary workers.


There is no barrier to anyone training to be an instructor as long as they meet the application criteria.

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