What happens during the instructor training programme?

All particpants must attend a 12 -hour SMHFA course or a 14 - hour SMHFA: YP course before coming on the Instrcutor Training. The Instructor Training lasts for 3 days and is made up of the following elements:

Development Centre (2 days)

Day 1 includes:

  • Overview of the course content and getting to know it in detail.
  • Putting the training into context
  • Taking a close look at the instructors' kit

Day 2 includes:

  • Exploring childhood development
  • Getting to know the Health Scotland Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

You will work very hard in these three days but there are lots of rewards. You will gain confidence, learn new skills and meet new people. At the end of the first day you will be given your instructor’s kit. This contains everything that you need to become an instructor.

Skills Practice (1 day)

It’s your turn to lead a group!

In advance of the day you will each be allocated a short section of the course, on which you will train your peer group for about 35 minutes.

In the time allowed you will show that you can:

  • get the group working together on an activity
  • give information and/or teach new skills.

Your mentor will observe you and give you feedback at the end to help you develop your training skills. All instructors will also give feedback to each of their peers.

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